An odd experiment in webcam marketing….

Just a quick heads up – I was just about to log off from Twitter when Darren Rowse (@problogger) flagged up an interesting intiative which was then sent into chaos by a reasonable number of his 12,509 followers!

Creative Agency LisaPMaxwell has set up a site which allows every employee to chat via webcam when they’re available. Those who are online are the ones moving around on the main page as far as I can tell! Despite being bombarded with a lot of Twitter traffic thanks to Darren, I’ve just been chatting to PR Director Aneisha Howard.

Apparently the initiative started yesterday, and they’re measuring it for links, buzz and everything available, rather than just leads generated as they demonstrate their commitment to a viral mindset…

I’m not sure how sustainable or scalable it will be – although Aneisha was coping pretty well after Darren singled her out! But to generate buzz, it certainly seems to be working.