A big week for celebrations…

There are a few different reasons for us to be celebrating this week.


  • (Not us): The GNU system celebrated 30 years at the weekend, and has resulted in tens of millions of free software users worldwide, with free software also powering more than 95% of the world’s supercomputers and the majority of web servers.
  • (Us): This week marks the 3 years since I started freelancing. Despite some big ups and downs, within a short space of time I’d decided working for myself was what I wanted to do for the foreseeable future, and that hasn’t changed.
  • (Us): It’s also 6 months since TheWayoftheWeb Ltd was formerly established as a business, and my fellow Director and business partner Sean Ible joined the company, which has led to major improvements in everything we do.
  • (Not Us): Family is extremely important to both Sean and myself, so as my parents have reasons to celebrate at the moment, I wanted to publicly mention how vital they’ve been in everything I’ve ever achieved.
  • (Not Us): Google turned 15 last week – and unveiled various changes and projects, some of which are good for everyone, and some of which have changed the way SEO will need to be implemented. Proof that our work is a journey of constant evolution and change, which keeps us enthusiastic and learning all the time!

It seems like a good moment to thank friends, family, clients, contacts and our networks of specialists for all their help, support, hard work and encouragement so far, and hopefully we’ll continue to pay back their faith in us by delivering even better work in the future….