Website & Blog Hosting


Over the years we’ve found it helped our clients if we could take care of hosting their website, setting up their blog or redirecting their domains.

So we’ve slowly and steadily built up a fair bit of hosting knowledge, particularly when it comes to WordPress, and we are now ready to offer that to a wider range of clients.

We utilise the best server providers in the UK to ensure your site is fast and reliable. The fact that we control your hosting means we can ensure your website is located somewhere which is beneficial for SEO, and if something goes wrong, we can help you fix it quickly and directly in most cases.

It also means we can install the plugins and extensions that we know work brilliantly for marketing, eCommerce, subscriptions and other tasks.

Our hosting packages cost as little as £50 a year, comparable to any hosting package out there…

If you want something more complicated and bespoke, we can do that too. TheWayoftheWeb network includes specialist WordPress develops and designers.

Hosting Services:

  • Annual Hosting
  • WordPress Site/Blog Installation.
  • WordPress Site/Blog Custom Design.
  • WordPress eCommerce installation and setup (Jigoshop)
  • Managed backups

Tech & Future Trends


Want to know what technology will have an impact on your business in 12, 24, or 48 months?

Want to plan your website rebuilt so it isn’t outdated weeks after launching?

Want to know what threats and challenges your industry may face?


Sub cash register

Whether you want to sell one item per year or sell thousands of different products, we can help you create an online store that will help your customers find the products they need.

We’ve got experience developing, launching and marketing a variety of eCommerce websites and services for a range of clients, and can accommodate most budgets, starting small and building to an enterprise level solution.

Small Business eCommerce:

For small businesses, we often recommend using a WordPress-based eCommerce solution, and we are specialists in WordPress eCommerce platforms such as Jigoshop. We’ve also worked with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify etc.

eCommerce for larger businesses:

Have a bigger budget or need a more sophisticated inventory management system,  we recommend the use of Magento. Some of the biggest companies in the world use Magento to manage their online business, let us help you take the first steps.

Contact Us today to see how we can help you start selling.

Search Engine Optimisation


Search Engine Optimisation has been portrayed as a black art for many years. But the real secret of SEO is that it’s actually a mix of common sense and a lot of hard work.

We employ some of the best SEO specialists in the UK to take care of the hard work for you – using specific tools and knowledge from working on a large number of sites in a wide range of industries.

It’s not about getting you to #1 on a Google search for an irrelevant keyword. It’s about increasing the number of purchases made on your website from search as a source.

SEO Services Offers:

  • Full Site Audits, including recommendations
  • Keyword Research
  • Technical Improvements: Architecture, Navigation, Meta Data, 301s etc.
  • SEO Workshops and Training.

Social Media Marketing


Social Media Marketing comes naturally to some companies. For others, it can be a real struggle. Make sure your business has the easiest transition into a world powered by social networks.

Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social Media Marketing Management: We’ll run your accounts in conjunction with you.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing Guidelines
  • Social Media Marketing Workshops and Training

Content Marketing

Kyoto Grafitti

Content Marketing is on the lips of every marketing agency at the moment. Given how many messages compete for your attention every day, it’s not surprising that more and more companies have realised they should be creating brilliant, amazing and compelling material if they want to have any impact.

The problem is that with any trend, suppliers rush to get an offering online without necessarily being able to deliver.

We’re different.

We were founded by someone who has spent more than 10 years creating written content for a number of the biggest media sites in the UK, before moving into marketing (Social Media and SEO), and producing that same quality of content for a range of businesses.

We know what it takes to create content which has an effect.

Our network includes experienced journalists, writers and marketers, able to produce writing which educates, informs and entertains.


Content Marketing Services:

  • Content Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Ideas
  • Infographic Production
  • Content Workshops and Training