Eight things you may not know about me…

Normally I’m not a big one for chain emails or blog memes etc, but seeing as I’m embracing being more honest and open, this one hit at about the right time.

So here’s eight random (i.e. subconsciously chosen by me to reflect a certain identity) things you may or may not know about me. And to track the chain, it appears to have come via Frankie Roberto, Dan Hon, Thayer Driver, Chris Hambly, Eoan Pritchard, Neil Perkins, and then to the first name I’m intimately acquainted with, Mr David Cushman.

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably, as you may doze off before the end:

  1. Despite currently existing on a diet of constant broadband, chocolate, cola, and Marlboro, I was actually a very athletic child and teenager. I played 1st team rugby and hockey for my school, studied judo and karate, and rang long distance (1500 metres up to half marathons). I was a bit of a gym addict for two years at uni, but eventually living in America broke me as I had to rebel against the superfit by smoking during soccer games and still doing OK!
  2. Going to America was my first time on a plane, and my first trip abroad. And a part of me will always feel at home in the Pacific North West (Bellingham, WA) – more so than in the UK. Flying back for Christmas to Heathrow I ended up sitting next to a pretty Swedish girl. Almost 10 years later we’re expecting our first child!
  3. I’m a closet librarian/collector. Over the years I’ve amassed huge collections of comics, books, CDs, retro videogame consoles, guitars, and other stuff that I’ll never have the time or energy to enjoy. It’s taken me years to stop adding to the collections, but I haven’t stopped arranging everything in alphabetical and chronological order.
  4. When I was about 13, I had a letter printed in Motorcycle News, which my dad and I read religiously. 10 years later I was lucky enough to get my first full time staff writing job for www.motorcyclenews.com (Cheers Mr Cushman!). I’m still with the same company, having moved to marketing after 6 years and 11 months on MCN. Highlights include riding to Paris and back, doing 160mph on a private test track in Levis, and getting to speak to some of my childhood heroes.
  5. I can’t stand tea or coffee. Even the smell of coffee makes me feel slightly queasy. But I still managed to get addicted to caffeine thanks to Coke and Pepsi.
  6. I love history. Mainly the history of Japan, military history and pop culture history. An odd, and yet, consistently geeky, mix.
  7. I’ve never liked being a passenger in cars, trains or planes, as I’m not in control. Yet I love storms, and quite enjoyed being awake to appreciate the recent UK earthquake. I always quite envied storm chasers in the U.S. (Strangely my uncle wrote a PHD thesis on ball lightning, it must run in the family).
  8. I have a huge weakness for comedy movie mash-ups. So here’s my all time favourite:

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