Get involved in Open Source eCommerce

If you fancy getting involved in Open Source eCommerce, then you might well be interested in the fact that Jigoshop (a client of mine) has opened up beta testing for new versions before they are officially released.

The beta test is being administered via an email list, which will include all the details on what’s included in releases, how to post feedback etc, and you can sign up at:

So if you like WordPress, eCommerce, Open Source, Finding Bugs, Helping People and more, then do sign up. You don’t need to be a PHP developer expert, but you’ll need to be able to run a WordPress (and Jigshop) install…


  1. I’d like the thought of open source e-commerce but I’m not ready yet with the complications that it may bring. For one, I’m just learning how to blog and  SEO stuffs. Anyway, thanks for sharing. You keep me thinking.

  2. jjingob2535 says:

      eCommerce and
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  3. I’m using  e-commerce and I love it ♥


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