Marketing and Business Resources:

We’ve used a huge range of tools and services aimed at digital business over more than 15 years. So we have a reasonable idea of what can work for project management and collaboration, building websites, managing your social media, or improving your SEO. Which is why we’ve compiled this list of marketing and and business resources.

Below are some of the resources we use and recommend. There’s no secret about what we do – we simply combine the best tools available with a lot of hard work and experience, so if you’d rather give it a try by investing in the products below, please do.

And if you get stuck or need further, more detailed advice, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Marketing and Business Resources - TheWayoftheWeb Ltd


Resources for Team Management/Collaboration:

Google Apps: Get the full suite of Google Apps for Business, including easily-managed email addresses and accounts, cloud storage via Drive, Hangouts for meetings, shared Calendars, and collaborative editing and sharing via Google Docs. Sign up for Google Apps for Business.


Personal Branding Resources: Allows you to quickly and easily set up a personal page with your profile, portfolio, career history etc. Sign up for


Blog/Website Resources:

StudioPress: Wide range of responsive blog and website designs for WordPress, which we’ve used for a number of our own sites and for clients. All the themes run on the StudioPress framework which makes customisation relatively easy, and there are a wide range of additional free and paid plugins to extend the themes and functionality even further. Sign up for StudioPress.


Advertising/Affiliate Management Resources: Affiliate service for both brands and affiliates. Includes a wide range of programs, each with dedicated creatives. Sign up for

Skimlinks: Automated affiliate management and linking. Skimlinks will either automatically add affiliate code to any suitable links you place in articles, blogs or websites (Or are posted by website users). Alternatively you can use Skimwords to automatically link any suitable words or phrases for products. Sign up for SkimLinks.

VigLinks: Alternative affiliate management and automation. Part-owned by Google. Sign up for VigLinks.


Website Audit and SEO Resources:


Take a look at our detailed list of all the Website Audit and SEO Tools we use and recommend.