Website Audit and SEO Tools

To conduct a thorough website audit and maintain ongoing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), takes a range of tools. Some of these make manual tasks quicker and easier, while others are essential when you want to get the best from a website.

Usually each task for an audit or monitoring and improving SEO will require a combination of various tools. Although some product suites do cover a range of tasks, you tend to find that they tend to do a specific set of actions particularly well. So occasionally you might find some overlap between the tools you need.


Website and Page Speed Tools:

Page speed has become incredibly important for SEO in addition to being a basic requirement for users. If your pages aren’t loading quickly enough on mobile and desktop, then you will lose business. And that also means losing search engine rankings.

  • Google PageSpeed Insights: Essential for asssessing desktop and mobile loading times as seen by the world’s biggest search engine.
  • Pingdom: Probably the best known third party speed checker, which uses a variety of locations and settings to allow you to dig into the details, along with tools including WordPress plugins and more.
  • GTMetrix: Another good third party tool which will also supply performance scores, details and a list of fixes.

Website Crawlers:

If you want to get an accurate and detailed look at every element of a website, then you need a decent crawling tool. These apply the same approach as search engine spiders, by running through and indexing as much as possible on every page of your website.


SEO Suites:

  • Moz: Comprehensive group of SEO and Marketing tools including keyword tracking, link analysis, competitor analysis and more. I’ve used Moz for around a decade, and it tends to be good for the content analysis and improvement side of on-page SEO. Sign up for
  • SEMRUSH: Another full suite of SEO and Marketing tools, with more of a focus on the technical SEO side, and a slightly lower price point. I’ve largely switched from Moz to SEMRush for the majority of my client work as it includes more tools for rankings/backlinks, auditing and monitoring site changes. Sign up for SEMRush with a free 7-day trial.