My media this week…

A somewhat occasional rundown of what I’ve watched, read, listened to, and played. Ideally at some point a real geek would actually sync up a feed from the various services which track and log what I’ve been enjoying, but it’s being done manually for now to see if anyone cares.


Finally catching up on some Cory Doctorow with Context, a collection of essays and articles which has prompted a few new thoughts of my own. Also re-read William Gibson’s Burning Chrome collection of short stories, the autobiography of motorcycle racer John Reynolds, and flicked through The Personal MBA by Josh Kaufmann as a reminder that I run a business now and need to cover all the required areas of management.

I do try to keep my Goodreads profile reasonably well updated.


I seem to have pretty much exhausted the films I wanted to stream via Lovefilm, so this week I ended up settling for the first three episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Amazed to realise that it’s now 15 years old. Also strange to think there may be adults of legal drinking and voting age who may have never seen an episode. Without its mainstream popularity, I think the last decade of sci-fi and fantasy films and TV may have struggled a lot more.

Last weekend saw a large amount of motorsport – this weekend I’m with my son, so it’s Finding Nemo today and probably Monsters Inc tomorrow.

We did manage 30 minutes of the original Star Wars yesterday as I previously mentioned. Sadly it was the version doctored by George Lucas to make Han Solo seem guileless and with Jabba The Hut more accurately modeled on a slug posing in front of a badly lit blue screen.


Thanks to, it appears my most enjoyed artist of the week was Eddie Vedder, which was the brilliant soundtrack to the equally interesting film Into The Wild. I also appear to have done this in a week which included Canadian prog rock from Rush, and the English prog rock of Pink Floyd. Essentially prog rock provides one of three soundtracks to work, alongside classical music from major motion pictures, and ambient electronic music, as it’s pleasant and recognisable enough to block out background noise without actually capturing my attention.

The actual track listing is slightly cooler, beyond playing Crockett’s Theme from Miami Vice 3 times in a week.

  • Jan Hammer – Crockett’s Theme
  • Rancid – Time Bomb
  • Radiohead – Optimistic
  • RJD2 – Ghostwriter
  • Guided by Voices – Hold On Hope


  • Forza Horizon: Awesome mix of arcade racing with elements of the more sim-style Forza
  • Walking Dead: An interactive adventure game serial which is great enough to have trapped me – I don’t like adventure games, didn’t watch the TV show, or read the comic.
  • Call of Duty Black Ops:  Reminding myself how to play before Black Ops 2, and also remembering I never quite made Level 15.
  • Peggle: I can’t help but dabble in a bit of Peggle to relax at the end of an evening. The gaming equivalent of a crushed valium in a glass of milk. Pretending to aim balls down the screen to eliminate blocks, even if my lack of skill means essentially it’s a random number generator.