My most popular posts for October…

There’s just a few days left in the month, and a combination of work, family illnesses and Forza Motorsport 3
are limiting my blogging, so I thought I’d take a look at which posts were most popular this month:

  1. Taking first spot was my theory that the Nokia N97 is the ultimate geek phone. Which obviously went down well with iPhone and Android fans as well as N97 owners.
  2. Strangely a post from January of this year got picked up for a bit of a resurgence – The best G1 application , augmented reality and Moore’s Law. I guess everyone else has finally caught onto this Augmented Reality thing being kind of cool at the moment.
  3. Yep, deffo Augmented Reality month, as ‘The best webcam-based augmented reality application?’ also reappeared – this time from June ’09.
  4. And in at number 4 was my little rant at companies who don’t realise how costly it can be to annoy people these days.
  5. And finally (I’m only doing the top five), it’s nice to see people appreciated the interesting work from my colleagues, as ‘Find the best radio stations online‘ came in just ahead of ‘Two great new projects launch at Absolute Radio‘.

So there you go – just goes to show how content can reappear when it’s timely. Interestingly, the top referrals for the month so far are:

  • Google
  • Direct
  • Stumbleupon
  • Twitter
  • Bing

Which is heartening as I’m getting decent levels of search traffic, and also balancing that with some lovely people who know who I am and some social recommendations. Let me know if you actually find this kind of post useful, rather than navel-gazing indulgence, and if there’s anything else you’d actually want to know?