Problems embedding Youtube videos in WordPress etc?

Update Aug 2012:

It appears that for a lot of videos, the old embed code isn’t appearing any more. The reason for this is that if videos are enabled for 3D when they are uploaded, then the old embed code doesn’t work. If you’re looking to embed a video which you have uploaded to Youtube, then the solution is to disable the 3D option. Sometimes the old embed code doesn’t appear straight away, but it seems that if you disable embedding, then re-enable, Youtube will then pick up on the change and the option will appear.

Although, given the changes, I’d recommend considering newer WordPress themes and solutions which can use the new embed option where-ever possible.



I’ve seen a few people ask why embedding Youtube videos seems to have stopped working on their WordPress blog recently, so thought I’d quickly share the reason.

Basically Youtube (And Vimeo), both released a new embed code a while ago, to enable viewing through Flash and HTML5. But when you put that new code into HTML view in WordPress, and then publish or go back to View mode, it disapears.

Fortunately the old version is still available if you click the appropriate box under the Embed options:

Hope that helps…


  1. I was racking my brain trying to figure out what was happening or what I was doing wrong. Thanks so much, I very much appreciate it 🙂

  2. for some reason it’s still not working for me.  Could it be a problem with my theme?

    • Could be – it appears the new embed now works in the latest version of WordPress, although older themes may fail to pick it up if you have a dedicated ‘videos’ section, for example…
      Try turning off your theme and see what happens…

  3. Thanks, you just saved my life and sanity with that one!

  4. Mmicheli1 says:

    Thanks so much. I found that I had to take just a little bit of code, from the old embed code, to make it work: just the part after “” and before “version”. 

  5. Yes It worked for me thanks for this tip !!!!


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