Solving Feedburner Feedsmith plugin problems with WordPress 2.9

If you’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.9 like me, you might have found that the Feedburner Feedsmith plugin recommended by Google and Feedburner has now stopped working. In fact, I couldn’t even upload it to a new site which hasn’t been upgraded to 2.9.

There’s been no word from Feedburner about this (No surprise, since their original Feedsmith plugin page itself returns an error and they appear to have taken a vow of silence since being acquired by Google).

Luckily some of the other Feedburner plugins work with 2.9. I’m currently using and recommending the FD Feedburner plugin by John Watson. Just install the plugin, enter your Feedburner feed address (The options are under the plugin menu), and you’re done.

(Note, the redirect may not go into action until you make a new post after installing the plugin – but if you create a test post and then delete it, it seems to work fine)


  1. Thanks for the timely post! I've been trying to get it up and running to no avail. I will try your recommended plugin.
    Much appreciated.

  2. Thankyou for your post, I had been wondering which plugin to use.

  3. Hopefully this will work for me.

  4. Thanks for the help.

  5. Thanks for the info! Just what I needed and just in time.

  6. Thank you buddy.

  7. IS this even compatible with WP 3.0 or even necessary to make your feeds go to FeedBurner? Didn't FeedBurner do some sort of integration when they got eaten by Googel? LOL

  8. Hi,
    There are two reasons for redirecting feeds to Feedburner, and only one which is really worthwhile at the moment.
    The first is to get decent stats and analytics – sadly Feedburner has been increasingly unreliable on that side of things, and they appear to have done next to nothing since being acquired by Google.
    The other is that you can easily integrate Adsense into your feeds, using your existing Adwords account – which is quite a bit more useful!
    I'm still using the same plugin with 3.0 – if you want to manually recode your site to show the new address, then that's probably a better way to go in terms of cleaner code and loading times, but I've always had other things to work on first, and never got round to making all the manual changes!

  9. Jennifer says:

    Many thanks!

  10. FD Feedburner plugin better than the feedsmith one – It allows for the possibility of a non RSS or atom feed while feedsmith does not (It ‘s a simple code change )
    Important if you are trying to get an ics feed working that you do NOT want being as an rss feed!

  11. Been looking everywhere for the answer to this — Does this FD Feedburner automatically redirect people using an old address (say, the WP feed address) to a new one at FeedBurner that you create and ensure that you don’t lose subscribers? This would be ideal as we have well over 100k subs on a number of our sites…


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