TheWayoftheWeb is a top 30 UK Marketing blog!

TheWayoftheWeb has somehow made it’s way up to 27th in the January 2009 rankings of UK Marketing Blog compiled by Spinning Around.

Wheres the podium for 27th place? (Pic by ph-stop on Flickr)

Where's the podium for 27th place? (Pic by ph-stop on Flickr)

The list is compiled by filtering the UK-based blogs from the AdAge Power 150 (Which is now up to 941 blogs in total!). And it means I’ve moved up from #39 back at the start of January, which is nice.

For the record, it’s nice to get a bit of validation and evidence than people get some value out of what I do here – which I didn’t really imagine would happen when I started blogging.

But the main reason I’m pleased to move up rankings, whether it’s Google, Technorati or AdAge is that it may lead to more people stopping by – thus increasing the proportion of people I have the opportunity to connect and converse with.  Because it’s the comments, emails, Tweets and other connections which are the most valuable reward I can ever get from blogging (Adsense isn’t going to make me rich!).

So if you’ve ever linked, commented, emailed, tweeted, bookmarked, shared, phoned, chatted, conversed or promoted TheWayoftheWeb (or me!) in any way, then this is a public Thank You.

Thank You by Darwin Bell on Flickr (CC Licence)

Thank You by Darwin Bell on Flickr (CC Licence)

Next stop, the top 20!

Cool – I’m a top 40 UK marketing blogger!

Apologies for the trumpet blowing, but I’m sure it won’t last. Generally I seem to schedule any hiatus in blogging to coincide with the monthly rankings on marketing blogs.

But thanks the list helpfully compiled at Spinning Around, I can now claim that for at least one month, I cracked the Top 40 (a figure still magical due to the music charts).

Pic by Le Jhe on Flickr. (CC Licence)

Pic by Le Jhe on Flickr. (CC Licence)

In fact, I’m a #39, as you can witness at the UK’s Top Marketing Webblogs, which is pulled from the AdAge Power 150. Confusingly the Power 150 tracks 932 sites at the time of writing!

Top UK marketing blogs…and we’re in it!

I don’t tend to blow my own trumpet too much, although the large Adage Power 150 widget on the left probably undermines my posturing as a humble wordsmith… But after relaunching on my own domain, losing two years of Google PR and inbound links, and then spending ages going round updating everything, we’re finally moving in the right direction.

The latest list of top marketing blogs is on Spinning Around, filtered to show just UK marketing bloggers. And TheWayoftheWeb is finally moving back up the rankings. Of course it’d move faster if I ever get my page rank back! But a jump of 5 UK places, and 43 global places in a month is a sign I may be doing something worth linking and reading to.

And yet I was going to post about how relaxing I found blogging in the month before I’d reset Google Analytics to track readership on here!