Marketing Week Live – pre-event for bloggers

So last night I took advantage of a very kind invitation by Marketing Week to come along to a pre-conference meet-up for bloggers.

Partly they were showing off some nice new technology, which I haven’t been told not to mention (and I’ve seen it publicly referenced by the developers), so I think I’m OK to pimp the fact they’ve got a really nice Augmented Reality app produced specifically for the conference, which includes image recognition to save a boatload of time and effort for attendees who own an iPhone. I may have ribbed them about the lack of a Symbian/BlackBerry/Windows Mobile version, but to be fair, the iPhone is a pretty logical choice for an app for a marketing event. And although I’m normally a bit sceptical about the utility of a lot of AR apps, the way they’ve integrated the things you actually want and need to do at a conference is pretty neat.

The other part I really enjoyed was talking to the people behind the event (and fellow marketer/blogger types). I really got the impression that the rise in mobile, social media and new digital businesses has encouraged them to not only look at the large traditional rivals, but also smaller, perhaps more innovative events, and that they’re starting to evolve what they’re doing to offer more value to attendees. That’s as important for an event that’s free to attend as it is for a paid event at a time when most marketing and creative departments have felt a bit of squeeze, and time out of the office is at a premium.

Hopefully the team behind the event also felt the blogger meet-up was worthwhile as I’d love to chat more about their plans for events and their integration of digital and social elements. As someone who attends, runs roundtables and presents, the event space is undergoing the same disruption and changes as so many other industries, and it’s interesting to witness the evolution necessary.

Marketing Week Live takes place on June 29th-30th at Olympia in London, and it’s free to register.

(Disclosure: I had a couple of free beers. I also have friends who work at Centaur Media, but none of them are directly involved in Marketing Week Live as far as I’m aware.)

Share videos on Twitter with twitvid

If you want to go beyond sharing text, pictures or audio on Twitter, you can not only share videos with Twitvid, but even upload from your iPhone 3GS with their new mobile application.

That’s in addition to their earlier integration into popular iPhone Twitter app Twitterfon.

Alternatively the site itself allow you to upload a video file or capture your webcam, tag people, tweet it, and also send to Youtube at the same time.

There’s also an API available.