Taking a quick security break…

There will be a slight lack of posting at the moment as I scurry around updating various security measures due to WordPress exploit currently doing the rounds.

It momentarily affected www.140char.com, but was removed pretty swiftly, and before I continue with normal posting I just want to take some time to make sure that all of my other sites are as secure as they can possibly be.

Here are some details from Godaddy (Who I’ve got various sites hosted with, and who were very helpful in this situation)

Here’s what happens if your site is comprimised, and how you can spot it.

And here’s a handy tool to be able to remove some of the offending script if you’re affected.

And obviously if you’re not affected at the moment, now is a good time to run a back-up of everything, ensure all passwords for your hosting and admin log-ins are secure, and ensure you’re running the latest updates of WordPress and all plug-ins you might be using (And disable any that you aren’t).

Meanwhile all of my sites will resume normal service once they’ve been locked down like Fort Knox…