Isreali Consulate using Twitter for Press Conference on Gaza

Just spotted that the Israeli Consulate is using Twitter for a press conference on Gaza attacks.

Spotted via Doc Searls.

More information, here.

Really interesting example of how politics and world events are intertwining with what some people still see as a niche networking platform – but one which in my opinion radically changes the dissemination and interaction with information.

I wonder how international diplomacy may change with UK, U.S and Canadian politicians already in evidence. For instance, UK ministers on Tweetminister, US Congresspeople on TweetCongress, and the same opportunities and tools for collaboration and interaction which individuals and businesses are already able to benefit from?

Update: @rafaelprince has a log of the conference here.

Update 2: It’s also inspired a great post by Laura Fitton on ‘Microsharing as Humanitarian Act‘ – well worth reading.

Dell to use Twitter as part of their press conference

Dell Renegade by Thomas Hawk on Flickr

Later today computer firm Dell is holding a press conference to introduce a new generation of mobility products in San Francisco.

So far, so normal. But what will be interesting is that they will be using Twitter as a mechanism for taking and answering questions from both customers and reporters. (I picked this up via Neville Hobson). As Neville points out, it’s an example of Dell utilising a community they’ve become actively involved in. Just check out @RichardatDell, @TomatDell or search for Dell and you’ll find a number of people.

What’s also good is that they’re not trying to limit the questions to reporters. As an ex-journalist I can see it might be frustrating if your question is buried beneath those of people asking things which might seem banal by comparison – but perhaps there’s a better story and focus in monitoring what is being asked by the consumers, rather than by other reporters?

The Dell Conference takes place at 9am PDT (5pm UK). To ask questions and see responses etc, you’ll need to put them to And in a nod to the old-fashioned, Dell will also be blogging about what happens at Direct2Dell.

Hopefully I’ll see you at 5pm, and I’d be interested in hearing what you think of the conference and use of Twitter either here or @badgergravling