And I’m back in the top 50 UK marketing blogs…

My blogging life has taken a bit of a hit recently, as the implications of taking a new, exciting, and involved job alongside having a young son have taken a bit of adjustment – thankfully I’m getting the hang of it, as long as the trains run on time and the wifi is working!

Plus the occasional boost helps – I’ve been asked by a couple of people about possibly speaking at their events (more on this if and when it’s public), and for once I remembered to book my tickets in advance for the London Twestival.

And on another happy note, I’m back in the top 50 UK marketing blogs, as tracked each month over at Spinning Around.

Which is nice after a couple of months of seeing rankings and traffic declining to both my blogs – directly proportional to the effort/focus being put in.

Interestingly Adage, which has the overall Power 150 global ranking (Of 1053 blogs!) has dropped Google Page Rank from the metrics which power it.

Which in itself isn’t so bad, but it’s led to the Collective Intellect measurement doubling in influence on the list – and whereas Page Rank came down to a fairly open set of criteria, I’ve never managed to work out exactly why some sites do better with Collective Intellect than others in any meaningful way (I may just be missing something – let me know if I am!). And it also means that one of the few metrics which is more ‘static’ has been replaced by more ‘dynamic’ metrics – so if you want to climb the AdAge rankings, I suspect targeting the seeding and marketing side of things will have even greater importance.

Which I suppose, since we’re meant to be the best digital marketing blogs, is a good thing!

TheWayoftheWeb is a top 30 UK Marketing blog!

TheWayoftheWeb has somehow made it’s way up to 27th in the January 2009 rankings of UK Marketing Blog compiled by Spinning Around.

Wheres the podium for 27th place? (Pic by ph-stop on Flickr)

Where's the podium for 27th place? (Pic by ph-stop on Flickr)

The list is compiled by filtering the UK-based blogs from the AdAge Power 150 (Which is now up to 941 blogs in total!). And it means I’ve moved up from #39 back at the start of January, which is nice.

For the record, it’s nice to get a bit of validation and evidence than people get some value out of what I do here – which I didn’t really imagine would happen when I started blogging.

But the main reason I’m pleased to move up rankings, whether it’s Google, Technorati or AdAge is that it may lead to more people stopping by – thus increasing the proportion of people I have the opportunity to connect and converse with.  Because it’s the comments, emails, Tweets and other connections which are the most valuable reward I can ever get from blogging (Adsense isn’t going to make me rich!).

So if you’ve ever linked, commented, emailed, tweeted, bookmarked, shared, phoned, chatted, conversed or promoted TheWayoftheWeb (or me!) in any way, then this is a public Thank You.

Thank You by Darwin Bell on Flickr (CC Licence)

Thank You by Darwin Bell on Flickr (CC Licence)

Next stop, the top 20!

We’re the 59th top UK tech blog!

Wikio has just updated the rankings for UK blogs, and 140Char has appeared in the list for the first time, going straight in at number 59!
Wikio - Top Blogs - Technology
Not only that, but apparently we’re 749 overall:
Wikio - Top Blogs


Particularly as it means I have two sites in the top 100 UK tech blogs, with TheWayoftheWeb at 71.

Not a bad start to 2009.

Maybe I’m more successful than I thought!

Now here’s a nice boost on a Tuesday morning. I’d just spotted a post on Wikio’s top 20 influential UK tech blogs by Neville Hobson and thought I’d check out the full list.

The December rankings will be released tomorrow, December 3rd, on the Wikio site. Neville has a sneak preview of the Top 20, but I thought I’d take a quick look at the current rankings, as they actually list the top 100 on the site.

Scanning through the list for November, I spotted at 33, and kept looking to see if there were any names I didn’t recognise and wanted to check out.

And then I spotted The Way of the Web at 70 (apparently down 3 places from October, but still!). I’m still getting used to the idea that I could legimately claim to be the 70th most influential technology blog in the UK, at least by one source!

There are details on how the rankings are calculated if you’re still finding it hard to believe!