Wikio’s Top Online Marketing Blogs for October

TheWayoftheWeb has unexpectedly made it to number 18 in the top 100 Online Marketing blogs as measured by Wikio. That’s pretty darn nice, and apparently puts me ahead of some big names, including 1000Heads, iCrossing etc. And it’s probably a warning for Econsultancy and WeAreSocial that I’m gunning for them next month!

Obviously I’m expecting an email from Wikio at any moment to say that there was some kind of computing error and there’s no way that a bloke working from a kitchen table should be outranking some pretty big and well-respected agency blogs, but until they do I’m making sure I’ve got a screenshot for posterity!

The only explanation I can think is that it’s down to the wonderful people who read this site for reasons beyond my comprehension. And that it’s still possible to create popular sites even in crowded markets as long as you keep going and doing the things you love – something made rather poignant by the recent loss of Steve Jobs. In my case, I love writing, teaching, figuring out the best ways to engage and involve people, and figuring out what triggers people to do things with technology, so here’s to cracking the top ten in November.