A brave new world….or was it? Internetworld 2007

I attended the first day of the Internetworld event at Earls Court yesterday, but wasn’t able to blog last night as I was watching Chelsea football club crash out of the Champions League semi-final!

It did make me realise the time is right to move to a newer mobile phone, with web access, and the ability to blog without a PC, bearing in mind I decided to travel light for once. One of the presentations was by Russ Shaw from O2, covering convergence, and although I don’t really care too much about the fact they’ve bought the Millenium Dome, I was quite interested in things like the pay-per-clip LootAtMe, the online SIM back-up and the ability to share any pics and videos at My Bluebook. Although everything is currently sent via MMS, the facility is coming this year to instantly share via a simple option, which should increase the 25,000 user group (I think I’ve got the figure right).

There were plenty of seminars by the likes of Yahoo etc, and most were OK., if not revolutionary. Lots of talk about social networking and convergence. Examples like Myspace, Flickr and Youtube. Not exactly startling, but the occasional interesting point emerged in each 30 minute presentation.

Probably my favourite even of the day was “Five things web copy commissioners should know about social media” by Catherine Toole from Sticky Content. Appropriately for someone creating engaging online editorial, Catherine was fairly engaging herself, and for once, acknowledged some of the problems facing companies who are starting to embrace web 2.0 (People actually still use that term?) and social networking.
Catherine was followed by Liz O’Donnell from LinkedIn, explaining how to use social networking for selfish reasons…i.e. to help you as an individual find jobs/employees/companies etc. Again it was nice not to just here someone explaining that social networking is a growth area, and then pimping their product in isolation.

Sadly work means I couldn’t go today or tomorrow, but I think it was definitely worth visiting, just to meet some fellow geeks, watch Catherine and Liz’s presentations, and have the chance to be inspired in real life. I know some of the presentations are being taped to be put on the internetworld site, so I’ll post when they appear.

Always act on your ideas…

It’s good to be back at a PC after a few days of illness. It means I’ve got a bit of catching up to do (thank God for Firfox Live Bookmarks), so I better get started.

A while back i signed up my Xbox 360 Gamertag to the www.360voice.com service, which posts a daily blog ‘written’ by your Xbox about what you’ve been playing.(Mine’s here btw).

Combined with the likes of Amazon and Last.fm, that got me thinking about how cool it would be to share everything you’re doing. Websites viewed, applications used, music listened to, videos watched etc, all in one place, and all automatically presented, so you don’t have to blog about it.

My only concerns were around whether an audience would put sharing above any privacy issues, and what happens when I accidentally click on a naughty web link and all my friends and colleagues can witness it…

Well, Slifeshare is taking that risk, and allowing users to share sites, music, video and whatever live app is running. Plus you can invite friends and track groups as a whole, with charts for top artists, sites, feeds etc.

I’ll be intrigued to see if this is a convergence step too far…

My own convergence…

I’m slowly, but surely, taking the web 2.0 mantra of convergence on board, and finally organising and converging my many web outlets and identities.

So if you’re on Myspace, feel free to add me at:

And make sure you also add:
http://www.myspace.com/disposable media.

You can also find motorcyclenews on Youtube. Go to http://www.youtube.com/motorcyclenewsdotcom

Obviously I’m also on MyBlogLog, but it’s interesting that Jason Calcanis has suffered from some alleged MyBlogLog hacking. Thank God my obscurity should keep me safe from harm!

Web 2.0 in one brilliant video

Occasionally you see someone using video in a way which counterbalances hours of lip-synch clips and people hurting themselves in comedic ways.
I know this clip has been around for a little while, but it’s definitely worth watching. Particularly if you ever need to explain the concept of Web 2.0 in a presentation, or without using buzz words.


Next stop IPTV. But what have I been using?

Currently the rising tide of IPTV has caught the imagination of most internet commentators. Indeed some misguided fools are labelling the concept ‘Web 3.0‘ in the same way as I describe going outside for a cigarette as having an ‘external conference’, or business analysts refer to sackings as ‘headcount reductions’.
Aside from the flawed concept of Web 2.0, and the even more flawed concept of ‘Web 3.0‘, there are interesting developments. The main hope appears to be Joost, with Bittorrent also in the running, and the likes of BT Vision etc.

Well, call me Marty McFly if you like, but I’ve been watching IPTV for over two years now, along with some of my colleagues, friends, and countless sports fans. In fact, I once manned a desk at a large public trade show, and watched an entire Premiership football match at the same time, thanks to the fast broadband connection. Want to join in? Go to almost any reasonably popular forum, and post a topic about wanting to watch any sports without having to subscribe to Pay-Per-View television.

Without fail, someone will mention PPLive. Although the menus are in Chinese, there are plenty of English language sites to explain how to select the channel you wish to view. And then you get streaming football, for example, sometimes with English commentaries. And at a reasonable qaulity, depending on your connection etc…

If you do want to keep up with the ‘Johnny-come-latelies’ of the internet television world, I’d recommend NewTeeVee from the GigaOm network. Part of the NewTeeVee round-up this week links to four potential P2P IPTV problems from Mark Cuban.

I’m off to fire up my Delorean.

Plans for 2007

I know that the time for New year resolutions has ended, so my attempts at planning may be a little late. Then again, who says you can only make plans on Jan 1?

So here are some of the things I’m aiming to get completed…

1. Finish the redesign and implementation of the new Disposable Media website.
2. Help inspire others by getting my copy in waaaay before deadline for DM issue 6.
3. Investigate web hosting, and moving my blog to a domain of it’s own.
4. Investigate commercial opportunities, to see if I can let the blog pay for itself.
5. Investigate the possibilities of getting free stuff…

Now I know that it’s terribly bad form to admit that I’d be happy to receive free things. And that it’s a path lined with the fallen blogs of those who failed to disclose the exact nature of their involvement with a project. But, it’s also nice to get new toys to play with and review for my elite group of readers.

And I’d be particularly interested in UK and European tech stuff. There’s already enough Americans embracing blogging and technology (God bless ’em!). It’s time us limeys got some free stuff!

Incidentally, a thought came to mind this morning. As more and more information sources become aggregated into the likes of Wikipedia, and video becomes aggregated by Youtube, Google and Flurl, are we losing part of the fun of searching 20 different websites before arriving at an opinion?

Lastly…with all the talk of web 2.0…how come no-one has mentioned the Internet Movie Database? it’s been around for years, offered lists, comments and comparisons, and does a good job… Does it not have enough rounded gradients? Maybe it should rename as IMDBer.com?