Thanks to Microsoft for a good month for TheWayoftheWeb!

Like a lot of bloggers, I seem to have become slightly addicted to compulsively checking statistics when producing content would be more productive. But occasionally it provides a nice morale boost, such as today.

Despite missing the first 10 days of the month on holiday, comparing month on month shows improvements to pretty much every metric I could want, with a couple of days still left to go:

Visits +2.24%

Page Views +6.88%

Pages/Visit +4.54%

My two favourites:

Bounce Rate: -8.59%

Avg Time on Site: +3.13%

So everything is up except bounce rate – and I like seeing that down! And obviously my post ‘Has Microsoft made a major marketing mistake‘ drove a lot of visit – but strangely, as I’m not really a videogame blogger, it didn’t drive up bounce rate or single page visits!

After that, it’s a three-way tie between:

Strangely, despite the good growth in traffic, I appear to have dropped slightly on Technorati and the Adage ranking – so the quality/quantity of inbound links seems to have dropped? RSS subscriber numbers have also increased, despite one odd day of Feedburner telling me I suddenly had no subscribers on any blog!

And the other boost I’ve had has been attending some great business meetings with some very smart people and companies recently, and having several of them claim to have read my blogging and liked it – and most demonstrating that they’ve at least read one or two posts in detail. I’ll always treasure one person even bringing a prinout of one of my posts with highlighted sections to a meeting!