Who we are

TheWayoftheWeb is a young and fast-growing company. We’ve built it in a way which allows us to provide skilled and experienced resources to clients, but also remain fast and agile in responding to the latest innovations and challenges.

With this in mind, we consist of a core central team, who oversee all work to ensure consistent quality and reliable delivery.

Around this core team are a network which includes both individual employees and partner companies we know and trust intimately to deliver – that means we can match resources to your needs, around the globe.

It also means we don’t need a massive head office, or to sell irrelevant services because we need to fill up employee time. Less overheads means more to invest in the areas which really matter. And that’s vitally important in areas such as writing, where it’s possible to buy bulk content churned out very cheaply, but that won’t work to convince someone to buy your product or link to your website, making it a waste of your time and money.


TheWayoftheWeb Core Team:



 (Founder & Creative Director): Dan Thornton

Dan is passionate about the impact technology has had on society and business, particularly when it comes to effective communication. So it’s a natural fit for him to lead our Creative, Social Media and SEO side of the business. He has more than a decade of experience in working for large media companies in bother Editorial and Marketing roles ( Bauer Media and Absolute Radio), and working with clients ranging from small local businesses to massive international brands. He was the first Community Marketing (social media) Manager at Bauer, and the first Digital Marketing Manager at Absolute Radio.

He’s also pretty passionate about motor sport, a wide range of literature, new technology and Mexican food.


Sean Ible

Chief Cat Herder (Operations Director): Sean Ible

Sean has years of experience in big and small operations, covering areas such as project management and workflow. He’s the one who makes sure briefs are complete, work is assigned and delivered, and everything is on track.

Somehow, we’ve managed to overlook the fact he supports Man Utd.