Writing Services

Great writing is core to everything we do. It’s our passion, and how we’ve built our business. And it’s how we’ve helped a huge number of companies grow their brand, attract new customers, and achieve marketing success.

The best advertising, social media, SEO and direct marketing is all based around the words that attract attention. And spurring people into action. So it’s the foundation of the writing services we use to help businesses grow.

Writing Services - TheWayoftheWeb


Article Writing:

If you want a business that is respected, easily found via search, gets shared on social media, and converts traffic to customers, then you need high quality content on a regular basis.

Published on your website, or on relevant external publications, it demonstrates your knowledge and expertise.  But if you’re not a trained writer and journalist, how can you reliably publish that type of article?

That’s what we do. We’ll work with you to understand your company, values and tone of voice. And we’ll combine your knowledge and our own research to create articles targeted at your ideal customers.  Our training and experience means we know how to think like your potential audience, and to know what questions are being asked online.

Every article is supplied with full search engine optimisation, including page titles, meta descriptions, and image attritubes as required.

We’ve written for every type of entrepreneur and business, from baby food to technology. And we’d love to write for you.



There’s a distinct skill to copywriting. Whether it’s for an advert or landing page, you need to inspire action in a limited amount of space and words.

We know how to deliver results with content.

Our experience includes copywriting for social media advertising, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more.

We’ve created hundreds of search adverts, including a multitude of variations to allow for testing and optimisation.

And there are plenty of landing pages working at this moment with our copy on them.


Social Media Content:

We all spend more time on social media than we intended. That 5 minute break just to quickly check Facebook turns into an hour of reading updates and links. Or perhaps you get inspired by a photo on Instagram? Maybe Twitter is the network guaranteed to have you checking your phone too often?

Social Media success means setting a realistic objective for your business. And then producing the right content to meet that target. It might be driving more sales? Or increasing brand loyalty?

We’ll help to make sure your objectives are achievable. And then create everything you need to get there. From improving and optimising the set-up of your profiles, to managing daily updates across all the social networks you require. And reporting on what’s working. We can work independently, or alongside your existing teams, and can supply all proposed updates before publication. But whichever method you choose, we have training and experience in ensuring no social media updates will reflect badly on your brand.

Want to pay a teenager with no experience as little as possible? That’s your choice. But if you want to know every update for your business has been triple-checked for any possible negative connotation, then you’ll want a company that knows what they are doing beyond which hashtag or emoticon to use!